High Volume Without High Cost.

The largest trommel in the SM series collection, the SM 726 delivers the most efficient, high-volume output of any trommel screen on the market. This is the perfect machine for operations that screen in excess of 1,000 yards of materials daily, as it can be effectively employed across a very wide range of applications and materials. Available in wheeled and tracked chassis configurations, the flexibility of the SM 726 trommel screen makes it a top performer for both organic and inorganic material sizing.




 SM 726
Permissible Weight24,000 kg (52,911 lb)
Chassis2-central-axle trailer chassis, for 80 km/h (50 mph) with ABS
Drivediesel engine
TypeMercedes-Benz OM 904 LA (optional: electric motor)
 Power68 kW (92 hp) at 1,600 rpm
Torquemax. 400 Nm
Exhaust LevelEUROMOT III A
Fuel Tank300 l (79 gal)
Drum2 screening fractions, 3rd fraction by means of stonegrid, vibrating screen or hopper star screen; 4th fraction by means of a windsifter at the rear conveyor
 Length7,100 (23' 4")
Diameter2,000 (6' 7")
Mesh Sizeselectable, 8 – 100 (0.31 – 3.94")
Mesh Typeselectable (staggered squares, round holes)
Drum Wall Thicknessselectable, 6 – 15 (0.24 – 0.59")
Drum Speed0 – 18 rpm
Feeding Volume5.0 m³  (177 ft³) 
Feeding Width/Height3,780 / 2,900 (12' 5"/ 9' 6") 
Length4,750 (15' 7")
Width1,000 (3' 3")
Belt Speed  m/s (ft in/s)1.1 (3' 7")
Length4,750 (15' 7")
Width1,000 (3' 3")
Belt Speed  m/s (ft in/s)2.8 (9' 2")
OPTIONSstonegrid, vibrating screen or hopper star screen, remote control, additional hydraulic connections, magnetic pulleys at the side and rear conveyor, windsifter over rear conveyor skeletal drum

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