Portable Sorting Stations


On Site or On Location, Start Sorting Immediately.

Process hundreds of tons of material daily, on site or on location, with EnvEco custom-built portable sorting stations. Engineered with hydraulically controlled deployment, the ENV 6050 can be set-up or prepared for transport within minutes, and is easily compatible with highway regulations in all 50 states. Independently powered, or conveniently driven hydraulically from a Doppstadt SM series trommel, the flexibility offered by EnvEco sorting stations will increase the productivity of your operation immediately.



Hydraulic Drive

Available in hydraulic drive configuration, EnvEco sorting stations can be powered from a simple connection to any Doppstadt SM series trommel screen.

Easy Transport and Set Up

The hydraulic set-up provides easy transport and reduced downtime, allowing a single sorting station to service multiple locations.

Large Volumes

Capable of processing hundreds of tons of material per day, recycling facilities of any size will appreciate the benefits of EnvEco sorting stations.

Custom Design

EnvEco sorting stations can be designed for separation of many different recycling materials from a single waste stream.


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