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Density Separation


Reduce Landfill. Clean Material. Increase Profit.

Ecoverse and Doppstadt have a full line of machines designed to efficiently separate material into two fractions, heavy and light, using the latest in air separation technology.

Separating these fractions, typically sized between 10 - 200mm, allows products of value to be created. Cleaned 'heavy' products can be transferred for onward recycling use while lighter materials such as paper and cardboard can be used as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) or SRF product.

When coupled with a hydro-density separator (HDS), you can take contaminated overs and get a clean usable product that can be re-introduced to your processes!



Lights Conveyor

2.2kW Lights stockpile conveyor with 15mm Chevron Belt

Electric Generator

Super silent diesel electric generator to run machine and the hydraulic power pack.

Heavies Conveyor

Hydraulic fold out heavies stockpile conveyor with Chevron Belt - EP 300 3PLY

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