Kiverco KDS 1500 Density Separator


Reduce Landfill. Clean Material. Increase Profit.

The Kiverco KDS 1500 Density Separator has been designed to efficiently separate material into two fractions, heavy and light, using the latest in air separation technology.

Separating these fractions, typically sized between 10 - 200mm, allows products of value to be created. Cleaned 'heavy' products can be transferred for onward recycling use while lighter materials such as paper and cardboard can be used as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) or SRF product.

The KDS greatly reduces the amount of material sent to landfill, delivering considerable savings in areas where landfill taxes are high.



 KDS 1500
Transport & Operating Length30' 2"
Transport Width9' 6"
Operating Width21' 8"
Transport Height13' on a 600mm low loader
Total Weight24,250lbs
Axle Weight17,700lbs
Min Feed in Height7' 9"
Max Feed in Height12' 1"
Accelerator Belt Width60"
Heavies conveyor belt width40"
Min Heavies Stockpile Height7' 4"
Max Heavies Stockpile Height11' 8"
Max heavies stockpile capacity50 cubic meters
Lights conveyor belt width


Min Lights Stockpile Height9'
Max Lights Stockpile Height 13' 1"
Max lights stockpile capacity33 cubic meters
Input material sizeup to 200mm (8') subject to material type
Throughputup to 100TPH subject to material type

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