INVENTHOR Type 9 Slow-Speed Shredder


The Best Shredder in the World. Period.

A new standard of quality in slow-speed shredding: the INVENTHOR Type 9K. This next-generation shredder carries on Doppstadt’s tried-and-true single shaft shredding technology. Equipped with a totally new drivetrain concept, redesigned hopper and unprecedented accessto the machine interior for service and maintenance, the INVENTHOR is tops in engineering and throughput.



Multiple Shaft Packages

Choose the tools and shaft configuration you need. Need more than one? Changing the entire shaft is a breeze. Versatility!

Over Band Magnet!

Remove metals from your process with a powerful Neodymium over band magnet on the rear conveyor.

Pre-programmed shredding modes!

Material dependent shredding modes are pre-programmed, just push a button and SHRED!

Total Comb Accessibility!

The comb flap opens to 120-degrees, allowing for more than enough room to the shredding compartment for quick service and increased safety!

VarioDirect Drive

All new drive train concept for continuous, variable power transmission directly to the shaft.

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