Let Nothing Stand in Your Way.

The most powerful DW series shredder, the DW 3080K is designed to crush through hundreds of yards of the most challenging material nonstop, day after day. Standard equipped on a tracked chassis, the DW 3080K can handle any environment and application, regardless of weather or terrain. Perfect for landfill mining, demolition debris and railroad ties, no other shredder offers the same balance of power and efficiency.




 DW 2060
Permissible Weight50,000 kg (110,231 lb)
Chassistrack drive with two speeds
Drivediesel engine
TypeMercedes-Benz OM 502 LA E3B
Power480 kW (653 hp) at 2,000 rpm
Exhaust LevelEUROMOT III B
Cubic Capacity15,930 cm³ (972 in³)
Fuel Tank700 I (185 gal)
Length3,000 (9' 10")
Diameter800 (2' 7")
Speed25 rpm
Tooth Width/Length60/174 (2.4"/6.9")
Number Of Teeth21
Length3,000 (9' 10")
Total Width60 (2.4")
Number Of Teeth20
Width1,000 (3' 3")
Length4,000 (13' 1")
Max. Belt Speed m/s (ft in/s)1.8 (5' 11")
Width1,200 (3' 11")
Length7,000 (23')
Max. Belt Speed m/s (ft in/s)2.3 (7' 7")
STANDARD EQUIPMENTroller tooth 174 (6.9") C, basket system incl. fine basket, armored comb tooth, remote control, damping facility, additional hydraulic connection 20I (4.3 gal) & 401 (8.8 gal)
OPTIONShopper extensions, comb extension, neodym magnet, magnetic pulley

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