Low Speed. High Torque. Small Footprint.

Doppstadt’s innovative low-speed, high-torque shredding performance delivered in a compact footprint. The DW 2060 is the perfect shredder for average-volume operations that want the consistency and reliability of a Doppstadt shredder without the need to invest in a larger machine. Process a broad range of materials with confidence, and expand the flexibility of your material processing facility with the DW 2060.




 DW 2060
Permissible Weight20,000 kg (44,092 lb)
Chassistrack drive with two speeds
Drivediesel engine
TypeMercedes-Benz OM 926 LA
Power240 kW (326 hp) at 2,200 rpm
Torque850 Nm at 1,200 - 1,600 rpm
Exhaust LevelEUROMOT III B
Fuel Tank300 l (79 gal)
Length2,000 (6'7")
Diameter600 (2")
Speed25/32 rpm
Tooth Width/Length60/174 (2.4"/6.9")
Number Of Teeth28
Length2,000 (6'7") 
Total Width60 (2.4")
Number Of Teeth15
Width800 (2'7")
Length2,410 (7'11") 
Max. Belt Speed m/s (ft in/s)2.6 (8'6")
Width1,000 (3'3")
Length5,000 (16'5")
Max. Belt Speed m/s (ft in/s)2.8 (9' 2")
STANDARD EQUIPMENTroller tooth 174 (6.9") C1, armored comb tooth, remote control, additional hydraulic connection
OPTIONShopper extensions, comb extension, overband magnet, damping facility, comb basket system

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