Windrow Turner

The versitile Doppstadt windrow turners are equipped for windrows of different sizes and heights. The high throughput, short setup times, and flexible use on site are key advantages.



Cutter Disks

Two side milling cutter disks are equipped with wear-resistant tools, which can easily be replaced. By using different tool shapes, the turners can be adapted to various requirements.

Simple Control

The DU is attached to a tractor by a three point linkage.

Mill Tool

Wear-resistant blade-shaped milling tools on the discs are easily acessible and quickly and easily replaceable. With a long-grass wedge, even mown material can easily be processed.


 DU 320
Permissible Weight 5,700 kg (12,566 lb)
Drive by PTO shaft of tractor
Drive Shaft max. 228 kW (310 hp) at 1,000 rpm
Mounting 3-point linkage - rear
Milling Cutter Disks 2 pieces, diameter 1,160 mm (3'9") each
Speed approximately 220 rpm
Tools 6 teeth per milling disk, 3 short or long blades
Width 1,200 mm (3'10")
Diameter 1,000 mm (3'3")
Chipping knives 6 pcs., arranged around the perimeter
Speed 634 rpm (depending on the engine speed)
Conveyor vulcanized profiled belt, bars, hydraulically foldable
Width 1,200 mm (3'11")
Belt speed approximately 6.8 m/s (22 ft/s)
New windrow height up to 3,300 mm (10'10")
OPTIONS hydraulically driven discharge drum, long grass wedge, assembling to Fendt Vario

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