The BioPress DBP 205 screw extruder separates the liquid and the solid fractions of bio-degradable waste. The screw is driven by a hydromotor with planetary gear. The rotating cone presses the material with a pre-set pressure through the screening baskets, which are available with different mesh sizes. The liquid fractions can be used for biogas production and the solid fractions for thermal utilization or for composting.

The BioPress DSP 205 is the same unit, but is a static piece of equipment for stationary applications.

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Mixing Screws

De-packing of shop returns (from paper, cardboard and/or plastic packaging) and homogeneous mixing of different input materials.

Hydro Motor

The screw is driven by a hydromotor with planetary gear. Load-sensing speed control for hydraulic drive (optimal torque).

Pressing Screw

Running on anti-fraction bearings the screw spiral presses the materials constantly through the screening mesh.

Screen Basket

The screen basket is available in different perforations. This guarantees optimal dehydration of various materials at maximum throughput.


 DBP 205
Weight 24,000 kg (52,911 lb)
Chassis 2-axle semitrailer chassis, for 80 km/h (50 mph)
Motor Type Daimler OM904LA (optional: electric motor)
Power 90 kW (122 hp) at 1,600 rpm
Exhaust Level EUROMOT III A
Fuel Tank 300 l (79 gal)
Length 10,750mm (39' 4")
Width 2,550mm (8' 4")
Height 4,000mm (5')
Screw Extruder
Motor Type hydrometer with planetary gear
Screw ...wear segments
Screw Diameter 500mm (1'8")
Pressing Cone hydraulically adjustable gap, pressure-dependent control
Screen Basket RV 10/16
Length 4,470mm (14' 8")
Width 1,400mm (4' 7")
Height 1,520mm (5')
Rear Conveyor
Length 4,200 (13' 9")
Width 1,200 (3' 11")
Mixing Hopper, Volume 5 cubic meters (176.6 cubic feet)
Mixing Shafts 2 pieces with diameter of 480mm (1'7") for mixing and conveying

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