Screening Flexibility with Ultimate Maneuverability

Create three fractions from a single material stream with the Backers three fraction MTA (tracked and wheeled) star screen. By initially passing all material over the course deck, even wet or sticky organics are loosened increasing the overall screening efficiency and producing a more consistent medium and fines product. Add the optional Grizzly, and a fourth very course fraction can be produced; or attach an optional Wind Sifter to remove contaminants from both screening decks. For ultimate flexibility and throughput Backers three-fraction star screens are unparalleled.




 Backers 3 MTA 
Screen Fractions3 
Throughputup to 400 cubic yards per hour 
Weight60,000 lbs 
Configuration5th wheel / track combination 
*EnginePerkins 1106 D 
Power174 Horsepower 
Optional Drive Arrangements  Available with electric, diesel / electric, or electric/ hydraulic  
Optional Features

Deck Zoning, Extended Overs conveyor, "L" Version with longer primary screening deck, Wind sifting (plastic removal), Compressor, Hopper Extensions, Deck Slider (3/2), Grizzly,  Central Lubrication, Auger, Belt Pulley Magnets, Automatic Cleaning System, Reversing Fans, etc


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