Pallets, Lumber and Other Clean Wood Waste Generate Value-Added End Products

Convert a stack of wooden pallets into mulch. Grind clean dimensional lumber into animal bedding. Process a heap of mixed wood waste into fuel chips. Ecoverse offers the equipment and expertise to help. Doppstadt DW primary shredders and AK high-speed grinders deliver fuel-efficient performance and high-volume capacity. Optional magnets can be added to remove metal contaminants for the highest quality finished product. Doppstadt SM trommel screens out the fines for a biofuel ready end product. The Backers star screen can handle volume and precisely separate into 2 fractions or 3 fractions.

Available in portable or stationary-electric configurations, all our wood waste processing equipment offerings can be employ in off-site contract operations, or in permanent higher volume systems or yards. Our Ecoverse branded line of conveyors can be easily integrated to provide material handling as well.

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